Bouldering Competition Results

And your winners were… Thanks to everyone for coming to have a go at our autumn edition bouldering competition. You all smashed it and really made the night into more than it could be. We had a blast hosting you all.

And massive THANKS to Smart Solutions again for their sponsorship without which these cash prizes would not be possible ????

AND thanks to Dominik Krolik for the stunning photos (check them out on Instagram and Facebook) and Felicity Lyons who came to do some filming for us. Highlights reel will be with us soon!!!

So let’s find out who the winners were…

The comeback kid (man) David Maynard returned to the top since missing our comp earlier this year as he was away enjoying himself in Font. But he said last night he very much enjoyed the routes on offer and smashed his way to 410pts and first place in the Open category ????

1st place in the Veterans category was no easy feat with Ben Maxwell taking the top spot with a well earned 252pts ????

And first for the Ladies was Tamara Cooke, rolling in 170pts to take the win.

Full results of our bouldering competition

David Maynard – 410
John Leadbeater – 337
Stephen Darby – 337
Carl Martin – 285
Marcus Swallow – 275
Will Marino – 272
Steven Martin – 271
Gabriel – 267
Craig England – 260
Tom Nelson-Smith – 237
Luke Howland – 220
Jackson Parkes – 127
David Cook – 97

Tamara Cooke – 170
Sarah Nelson-Smith 20

Ben Maxwell – 251
Dominik Krolik – 54


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