Climbing 2020 #goals

So we figured last week was a washout. And this week you were all too busy going back to work/ school that you probably wouldn’t have time for this.

We wanted to make a new year’s resolutions/ goals board. So you all just need to fill out in the comments below (and we’ll print it) or fill one out at the wall. What your climbing goal for 2020 is.

Time to make yourself accountable to your goal! So if you’re not pushing hard enough to reach your goal then we/ or your mates can push you on.

You don’t come to the wall every week just because you like us that much, though really we’re flattered if that is the case. No you’re here to (we reckon) meet new people, get some fitness, and get better at your climbing ????

So get your resolution in the comments below. We’ll stick it on the wall, and you can look at it every week to motivate yourself (there isn’t going to be someone there to push you all the time).

We’ll go first….
“I want to do 20 pull-ups”
“I want to get better at hanging slopers”
“I want to improve my flexibility”

Go! Tell us below what you want to smash this year ☺️

#smashedit #climbinggoals #mindset