Birthday Parties

We offer birthday parties at the climbing wall, which are fun and a challenge for children aged approximately 8 years and above.  This means that if the birthday boy or girl is 8 or older , and some of their friends are a few months younger then this OK. Slightly younger siblings may also join in.

The cost is £85 for up to 10 children for a party that lasts about 2 hours. An additional £6.50 per head will be charged for each child in excess of 10.

The activities we offer usually follow the following format:-

After the initial safety briefing the children search for sweets hidden around the lower half of the wall. Once all the sweets have been found the children are strapped into harnesses and attached to ropes so that they can climb to the top and abseil down. All rope control (belaying) is done by the instructor. The climbs are adapted to suit the abilities of the children.

This takes us to about half way when we normally stop for a short drink break. (Drinks provided by parents)

Next the children are taken into a separate room called the Bat Cave where they are challenged to climb upside down and horizontally.

After playing the Toxic Waste game the instructor sets up a taught rope across the room called a Tyrolean Traverse for the children to clip on to and swarm across.

The Zip Wire comes next and is usually the children’s favorite. A rope is stretched from the top of one corner to the bottom floor.

After the party many parents bring food, which can be eaten in the viewing area and sometimes we all sing Happy Birthday around a cake and candles.