Group Bookings

We accept bookings by groups at any time of the day. If the group provide their own qualified instructor (we will need to see proof of the qualifications) and their own equipment (harnesses etc.) then the cost is just £4.00 each ( harnesses and belay gear can be hired for an additional £2.50 per person)

If you need our instructor then the cost is £85 for up to 10 climbers and then £6.50 a head for each climber in excess of 10.

This is for a session lasting 2 hours and includes all equipment and instruction.

Maximum number during public opening hours is 15
Maximum number during a private session is 30

Group teaching method depends upon the age and experience of the climbers. Usually the instructor gets the group to work in teams of 3 (one climber, one belayer and one safety person). The older and more experienced climbers may be allowed to work in pairs. With the very young, handicapped or disabled, the instructor will do all the belaying himself.