All lessons are offered by our qualified instructor. They cost £25 and last approx 1.5 hours.

Introductory Lesson

This ‘one off’ lesson is aimed at the novice who wants to start climbing safely . You will be taught all about harnesses, the differences between harnesses, how to tie the right knot, how to ‘take in’ and ‘lower off’, the safety calls, the grading system, tips on climbing routes, how to hold a falling climber and finally shown some examples of bad practice (so you know what NOT to copy).

Once you have completed this lesson you are an Independent climber. You don’t need to book your time at the wall. You can just turn up, pay the normal climbers rate and climb unsupervised for as long as you like.

Improver Lesson

This is aimed at people who completed their introductory lesson a few weeks ago. It covers climbing techniques to help you tackle harder routes. We also assess your belaying skills and make sure you are still doing it correctly.

Intermediate Lesson (Sport)

This lesson is aimed at the aspirant ‘Leader’ of sports routes both indoor and outside. You will be taught how to clip running belays correctly, how to thread the ring at the top. You will also be taught how to belay a leader.

Intermediate Lesson (Trad)

This lesson is aimed at people looking to climb outside on traditional routes. It can be done on its own or before or after a “Real Rock” trip. You will be taught how to use nuts, slings and camming devices, how to clip running belays correctly, how to belay a leader, use of safety calling system, how to tie Top Anchors equalising the load, and how to belay from above.

Custom Lesson

Lessons can be tailored to your needs. typically many people want to learn basic rope work to do more adventurous scrambles, learn abseil techniques, learn how to prussik up a rope. Just give us a call to discuss your needs.